Your Wedding in the Mayan Riviera

The Riviera Maya (Mayan Riviera) is a coastal strip that stretches more than 75 milles from Puerto Morelos to Tulum. Is a natural paradise that merges with the waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is famous for cenotes (natural outdoor or cave fresh-water pools in the middle of the jungle).

Choose the great location or Beach Club in the Mayan Riviera for your wedding – Advice

  • Would you want a Catholic ceremony in the Mayan Riviera? I have covered catholic weddings in different churchs and chapels of the area. Watch on my blog portfolios of those ceremonies: CATHOLICS WEDDING IN THE MAYA RIVIERA.
  • Would you like an intimate ceremony on a natural location? you can have a ceremony on a private beach or in the jungle on cenote. Samples of weddings on a cenote on my blog: WEDDING CEREMONIES ON A CENOTE
  • Would you want a wedding off the Resort? If you don’t want on wedding in a big all inclusive resort, choose a beach club or a wild location in the riviera maya. Watch on my blog:  WEDDINGS OFF RESORT IN THE MAYAN RIVIERA

Wedding photography in the Riviera Maya

Whatever location you will choose for your wedding, you can then have a photographic session on a wild spot of the area, such a beach out of your resort, a cenote in the jungle or a mayan ruin. watch sesions on my blog: TRASH THE DRESS IN THE MAYAN RIVIERA