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My Wedding Experiences at Barcelo Maya Resorts

I have covered over 20 weddings in all the areas of Barcelo Maya hotels. Based on my experience, I can tell you how your wedding there will look and what you can expect for your event.

On this page you will get my personal advice for the best wedding you can imagine at this resorts according to the ceremony you want, the amount of guests you invite, and the weather season in the Mayan Riviera.

Destination wedding at Barceló Maya Palace, Tropical, Beach, Colonial & Caribe.

The wedding professionals at Barceló Maya resorts have a great deal of experience in organizing weddings, and are equipped with the perfect settings for any type of wedding event. Some of these options include a Catholic church, a Gazebo, various reception salons, isolated private beaches for parties, and a colonial design to create the perfect setting for beautiful and unique wedding photos.

Why your Caribbean wedding is at Barcelo Maya Resorts

GETTING READY. If you like, there is a spacious spa available onsite for manicures, pedicures, and a beautifully tranquil atmosphere for the bride and her party to relax and enjoy. But a lot of brides get ready on their room.

YOUR CEREMONY. Barcelo Maya hotels offer a variety of different spaces for wedding ceremonies to accommodate your ideal dream wedding (see photos below)

wedding ceremony in the Gazebo of the Barcelo Maya Palace
Catholic wedding in Barcelo Maya tropical Church

Ceremony at the Gazebo at barcelo Maya Palace.

Catholic Ceremony at the Church at Barcelo Maya Tropical with a view to the garden.
Wedding ceremony at the rockypoint in Barcelo Maya Palace
Wedding ceremony on the beach at Barcelo Maya Caribe
Ceremony at the rocky point at barcelo Maya Palace.
Ceremony on the beach of the Barcelo Maya Tropical.
  • Wedding at The rocky Point in Barceló Maya Palace. In my opinion, the most beautiful and intimate option for small ceremonies. You will be married in an elevated area amongst the palm trees with an unbelievable and unique view of the sea. This works very well for small weddings of 20 or 30 people.
  • Ceremony in the Gazebo of Barceló Maya Palace. The enchanting gazebo faces the sea and provides an amazing setting for beautiful photos of the bride and groom at night. It can be used for ceremonies for as many as seventy people.
  • Catholic Ceremony. The Catholic church is located in the Barceló Maya Tropical hotel, but guests of any Barceló hotel are welcome to use it. A Catholic service can be offered in English and Spanish. The church has a garden view and can accommodate seating for over 200 people.
  • Wedding on the beach. Besides being married in the natural beauty of the Caribbean shores, another advantage of a wedding on the beach is that you can accommodate an unlimited number of guests. From April to October the Caribbean weather can be very hot. This is the best place to have a wedding in the afternoon in front of Barceló Maya Caribe Beach where there are some palm trees that make a beautiful natural shade.


wedding Reception on the beach Playa Azul at barcelo Maya Caribe
Wedding Reception on the beach at Barcelo Maya Tropical

A reception on the private beach “Playa Azul” under the imense Palapa. (for dinner and party)

Reception on the beach at the Barcelo Maya Tropical.
Wedding Reception in a restaurant at Barcelo Maya Palace
Wedding reception in a hall at Barcelo Maya Caribe.
Reception in a restaurant at Barcelo Maya Palace.
Recetion in a hall at Barcelo Maya Caribe.
  • Wedding Reception on the Beach. If you are coming to get married in the Mexican Caribbean, it is best to take advantage of the amazing beaches for the reception. The best reception area, without a doubt, is in Playa Azul, south of the hotel complex. This place is isolated from the rest of the hotels where you can make as much noise as you like. It includes a private beach with an immense palapa where a dinner and party can be organized, and creates the perfect ambiance for a dream beach wedding. We also recommend that you reserve an indoor reception area as well in case of bad weather. In front of Barceló Maya Tropical there is a large space that can accommodate over one hundred people.
  • Reception in a restaurant. In low season, some restaurants are not in use and can open exclusively for a reception. This is ideal for dining in an intimate and private space.
  • Reception in a hall. The beautifully adorned and impressive high walls create a romantic setting, and in the summer another great advantage is that they are air conditioned.


Pool trash the dress at barcelo maya tropical including underwater photos
Beach Trash The Dress at Barcelo Maya Palace

A Pool Trash The Dress at Barcelo Maya resort? Visit my Portfolio or Lucy’s pool TTD at Barcelo Maya Tropical to know more about

Barcelo maya resorts have the perfect beach for beach Trash The Dress. Visit my Beach TTD Portfolio to know more about!

  • CENOTE TRASH THE DRESS. For a Cenote Trash The Dress, I will pick you up and bring you to incredible natural freshwater pools in the jungle. To know more about this unique riviera Maya experience, visit my Cenote TTD Portfolio
  • BEACH or/and POOL TRASH THE DRESS at BARCELO MAYA RESORT. There are perfect pools and great beaches at Barcelo Maya resorts for your TTD. .

Pierre’s Advice for your destination wedding in the Barceló Maya resorts:

Wedding reception in a hall at Barcelo Maya Caribe.
  • Make your reservations as early as possible: The five Barceló Maya hotels are highly desired wedding destinations, and availability fills up very quickly. In high season (April to July) it is not uncommon for the hotels to celebrate up to 7 weddings in a day! Be the first to reserve your date to ensure your first choice of ceremony location at the best hour.
  • Preparing for your wedding: Some brides have said that the hotel wedding planners are slow to answer some of their questions by internet. This happens when the questions are asked many weeks before the wedding to define some of the details of the wedding, such as color of flowers, menu specifications, etc. It is important to keep in mind that Barceló Hotels organize up to 120 weddings per month in the high season. Gabriela Barbosa, who coordinates the events of the hotel, has been doing so for many years and has a great deal of experience. Trust in her professionalism and in her team that know how to organize weddings. If you have any doubts or specific concerns regarding your wedding, it is best to review them with the team in the last month before your event. They will have more than enough time to take your requests into account.
  • The best hour for the ceremony: For short ceremonies (10-15 minutes) on the beach or in the Gazebo, the best time is an hour and half before sunset. The sun is not as strong and the heat less intense during the ceremony and it will leave at least one hour of sunset for the photo session. For a Catholic celebration, Mass can be earlier (3pm or 4pm) because you will be protected from the sun by the roof.
  • Reception Outside or Inside? In my opinion, the beach is the best place for a reception in this Caribbean destination. In case of a windy or rainy day, a private restaurant could be a second option. In the hot season (April to September) if you have guests that are sensitive to more intense heat, I think is better to have the reception in a hall or a closed restaurant that has air conditioning.
  • The Portrait session of the Bride and the Groom: These colonial hotels are a paradise for photographers. The Mexican architecture, the amazing lighting, the illuminated pathways, the lush gardens, and the of course the world class beaches give many creative options for unique and beautiful wedding photos. To get the best variety of photos, I like to do sessions at different times. Before we go to the ceremony is the perfect moment to take pictures of the bride among the beautiful buildings and pathways of the resort. After the ceremony, we can go to the beaches at sunset to finish off with romantic photos or fun pictures at night at the hotel bar.
  • Music! The Barceló hotels have some of the best Mariachi bands in the Mayan Riviera. They are a fantastic way to kick off the evening and get everyone up and dancing at your wedding reception!
In a nutshell, being totally biased, for me the ideal wedding in Barceló Maya Resorts is:
  • Schedule it between October and April when the heat is less intense and it is the low season for weddings.
  • Make the ceremony on the rocky point or the Gazebo in front of Barceló Maya Palace and have it end one hour before the sunset.
  • Follow the ceremony with a cocktail with your guests at the same place. It is the right moment for group photos with your relatives and with the bridal party.
  • After sharing about 15 minutes with your guests, you (bride & groom) and I will move away to the best spots of the hotels for your portrait session.
  • Plan the reception at the private beach “Playa Azul” 30 minutes after the sunset to have enough time for the photo session of bride and groom.


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Wedding ceremony and pool trash the dress at Barcelo Maya tropical wedding reception at Barcelo Maya Tropical

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wedding reception at Barcelo Maya Tropical wedding reception at Barcelo Maya Tropical

Tanis’s Wedding at Barcelo Maya Tropical

Their ceremony was on the beach and reception in a hall.
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Maureen’s Wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace

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Portrait session at barcelo maya palace

Carie’s Wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace

March, 2010
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